Before Procedure

  • A nurse will contact you before your procedure regarding your arrival time and any specific instructions about your procedure.
  • The nurse will review pre-operative instructions and answer any questions you may have. They will also perform a brief health history.
  • DO NOT drink alcohol or smoke 24 hours prior to your surgery – both can cause an adverse reaction to anesthesia and medications.
  • DO NOT EAT or drink for 8 hours prior to your procedure – this includes chewing gum, water, and mints.
  • If you take any blood-thinning medications, ask your doctor for instructions about your medications.

Day of Procedure

  • Brush your teeth, but don’t swallow any water.
  • Bathe or shower to minimize the risk of infection.
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing.
  • Remove all body piercings and do not wear any makeup.
  • Bring a storage container for your glasses, contacts, and/or dentures.
  • Leave valuables – jewelry, cash, credit cards at home, except for what is needed to take of any patient financial obligations for your procedure.

Upon Arrival

  • Please arrive at the check in time assigned to you.
  • If you’re feeling ill (fever, cold, rash, cough) or have any health changes, please report these symptoms immediately.
  • Registration will be completed, and you will finalize payment options – please bring your insurance card, ID, and form of payment.
  • You will be escorted to the pre-operative area by a nurse and you will be prepped for your procedure.

After Procedure

  • You will be taken to a recovery area and cared for until you are awake and comfortable.
  • As soon as your doctor says it is safe for you to be discharged and you have a responsible adult to drive you home, you will be allowed to leave the surgery center.
  • Discharge instructions regarding follow up care will be given.
  • Because of the sedation medications given, you may not drive, use power machinery, sign important papers or make important decisions until the day AFTER your procedure.
  • Any concerns or questions following your procedure should be directed to your physician’s office.

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